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Product Development

We can help with steering product life cycle from the management point of view, as product owners, project managers, technical leads, and co-owners.

Application Development

Project Managers, Software Engineers, Quality Assurance, DevOps, Client Support - all required resources to launch your product.

Document Classification

We can classify documents or any text into predefined or discovered categories using supervised or unsupervised learning algorithms.

Predictive Analysis

Predict future values based on historical data, with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of features.

Attribute Extraction

We have developed an arsenal of NLP methods for find attributes and values in text, e.g. price, location, contacts, people and many others.

Image Recognition

Analyse what is present on an image, where is it, compare with other images and find differences.

UI/UX Design

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

Dedicated Team

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

// our services

Bespoke legal solutions

Check out our solutions on how to use AI in the legal industry


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Crafting tailored solutions to meet
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Christian Jorg
Christian Jorg
Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Ellis Accelerator
"A team of seasoned professionals that not only deliver on time and on budget but also bring the ingenuity to the table that addresses any issues variably coming up in a development process. Truly committed to excellence."

Sophie Reinauld
Sophie Reinauld
Chairman Opentopic
"Working with Tomasz's guys is a world class experience with highest quality and great team spirit. An outstanding team that delivers what clients need."

Konrad Weiske
Konrad Weiske
Co-Founder & CEO at SpyroSoft
"An impressive team that always deliver what they promiosed and do whatever it takes to do the job. In the same time keep world class standards and ensure impressive quality."

John Horrocks
John Horrocks
CTO MyNameFlow
"BlueRider.Software’s application is currently in production and has over 350 paying clients. The team takes pride in their work and takes ownership of the outcomes. They are very talented from top to bottom."

Julian Marland
Julian Marland
True Global Ventures
“The client was impressed with BlueRider.Software's speed and quality of work. They had a detailed customer feedback process, which ensured customer satisfaction and product quality. The creative yet disciplined team communicated with the client through in-person meetings, email, and a messaging app.”