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Take a look at the most common questions.
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don't hesitate to contact us.

How can I apply?

To apply, please email us at with your resume and the position you're interested in. We'd love to hear how you found us, so sharing that would be greatly appreciated!

Is remote work an option?

While Białystok is our home base, we fully support remote work or a hybrid schedule. Choose what works best for you!

What salary range can I expect?

Your salary is determined by your skill level, with four levels ranging from L1 to L4:

L1: 4,500 zł - 11,000 zł
L2: 10,000 zł - 18,000 zł
L3: 15,000 zł - 21,000 zł
L4: 20,000 zł - 30,000 zł
How do I know my level?

Check our job matrix to understand where you might fit. It's detailed, but we're happy to walk through it with you during an interview.

Is there a policy for salary increases?

Absolutely. Annual salary increases are based on performance evaluations or promotions:

Need Improvement: 0%
Meet Expectation: 5%
Exceed Expectation: 8%
Strongly Exceed Expectation: 12%
What about software and hardware standards?

For each position, we do have selected computer types (those or similar standards). In terms of software, you can count on everything that you need to complete the job. Most of our team members use JetBrains products.

What are the additional benefits that you offer?

Enjoy a vibrant office environment with fresh fruits, snacks, and recreational activities. We also offer integration events, a budget for professional development, and more.

What type of employment contracts do you offer?

We're flexible with contract types, with most candidates opting for B2B agreements.


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