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Christmas 2018, canva, featured image

Christmas 2018

A wonderful time for many of us! Especially for me with an army of kids behind or on my back 🙂 That brings tons of fun and happy faces.

It’s also an important time for all BlueRiders. You can feel that the projects are naturally slowing down, conversations become even more casual and are very often related to New Year plans, Christmas preparations, and obviously gifts ;).

It’s an awesome opportunity for better team integration.

In BlueRider.Software we decided to replace our weekly Monday breakfast with a bigger lunchtime break with plenty of traditional Christmas Eve meals.
The ideal time to wish everyone a good holiday break and best wishes for the upcoming Year.

christmas 2018
christmas 2018 1
christmas 2018 2
christmas 2018 3

Looks Yummy :). We wish all the best to all BlueRiders, our partners, and clients for Christmas and 2019 !!!

Tomasz Roszko

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