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Children’s Day at BlueRider!

children's day

As they say, within every man lies a little boy, and within every woman, a little girl. In line with this theme, we organized a day of fun at the FastPark Rope Park for our team to celebrate Children’s Day.

Since Children’s Day would not be complete without the presence of actual children—that is, not only in spirit but also in age—everyone turned up with their families. The park offered something for everyone, both young and old. The less extreme routes in the park were definitely geared towards family fun. Don’t worry; each participant had to undergo training and complete a test route before embarking on their adventure. See how attentively everyone listened to the instructor.

children's day 1

No piece of information could escape such a focused crew.

children's day 2

After such hard and exhausting exploits under the blazing sun, all the tired partygoers deserved a moment’s rest under the umbrellas.

children's day 3

There, in addition to relaxation, attendees could enjoy barbecue treats and drinks—non-alcoholic, of course, as befits Children’s Day.

When the thrill of the rope park was sufficient, guests could explore other attractions, such as carousels and inflatables. Indeed, there were inflatables of sizes that provided fun not only for the young but also for those whose age might suggest otherwise :).

children's day 4

We definitely have to count the day as a success. After working remotely for so long and experiencing the isolation of everything and everyone, it was refreshing to meet again and spend time together. Along the way, it was a chance to check our fitness levels, which wasn’t easy to maintain recently :).

Many thanks to the team for the time spent together, and I look forward to future gatherings.

Marta Roszko

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