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BlueRider Summer Office — a brief report on the first days of operation

“The sun is shining on us…” Oh yes, on the opening day, the weather was definitely fine. In addition, the team, which turned up in quite large numbers that day, was also in high spirits. As early as 9:00 AM, the first people checked in to work on the deck chairs. Some chose to work in the traditional form, at a desk, which did not at all prevent them from taking advantage of the sun during breaks.


Free moments offered a variety of activities, from playing badminton to volleyball. However, the most popular activity was playing volleyball in the pool. After a moment of such relaxation, returning to work was much easier. The choice of locations was considerable, ranging from the shade of a gazebo to a swing, and even in the sun on a deck chair. There was something for everyone.


As we all know, working in IT involves not only working at the computer but also attending meetings, whether with clients or with the team. Therefore, the Summer Office also had to accommodate such gatherings. Depending on the needs, the size of the team, and the type of meeting, there was a wide and flexible choice of locations.


We have also prepared something for those team members who have children. The Summer Office provides an opportunity for parents to bring their children to work, which is rather difficult on a daily basis. While the parents carried out their tasks, the children, under the supervision of an animator, enjoyed the charms of the backyard. Activities included pool play, water balloon battles, chalk drawing, fishing, and whatever else came to mind.


Both fun and hard work significantly increase appetite, and we took that into account as well. At lunchtime, grilled delicacies awaited the tired and hungry team members and their children. The time spent eating together fostered integration, encouraged casual conversations, and provided a moment of relaxation.


Feeling full and rested, we were ready to get back to work. Despite the bustling activities at the Summer Office, we didn’t forget to participate in our company’s Dart League. During the first week, the weather on Friday was marked by clouds and rain, leading us to return to our office on Sienkiewicza Street. Fortunately, the weather in the second week was more favorable, allowing the games to proceed in a truly summer atmosphere. Since the dartboard is located in the gym, team members who feel the need can begin their training sessions. These could include darts, as well as more physically demanding activities like cardio, weights, or gymnastics.


And so, the first two weeks at the BlueRider Summer Office passed. The team attended in large numbers, and the weather was mostly favorable as well. This is just the beginning of summer, and hopefully, by its end, we will have fully enjoyed the charms of working under summer conditions.

Marta Roszko

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