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A New Beginning

For many years Tomasz and Marta Roszko have been building and leading TJ.Software. The company has built its reputation as the home of the best Python developers and tremendous, almost family-like atmosphere.

TJ.Software transform into BlueRider.Software

With a growing number of challenges and in the era of multiple software houses, TJ has decided to transform into something much more fun and exciting than just resource outsourcing. Below you can read and watch a short story about our transformation.

A new beginning

Brings Innovation to life as a team.

This short sentence helps us define and focus on a road we want follow. It implies these key principles.

  • BlueRiders will work only on products that are innovative, either from business or technology perspective.
  • BlueRiders will do whatever it takes to do the job and have innovation go live.
  • BlueRiders will work as a team. That includes software engineers, data scientists, testers, managers, but also clients that over time become our partners.
  • BlueRiders will celebrate wins and successes together with our partners.
  • BlueRiders will share responsibility for loses and failures with our partners.

A new co-owner

BlueRider.Software will be lead by Tomasz and Marta Roszko and a new co-owner that joined TJ.Software in 2017 — Andrzej Rusewicz. Together they bring unique knowledge and expertise.

Tomasz Roszko (CEO & CTO) — a True entrepreneur with great sales and technical skills perfectly connects real business needs with technology.

Marta Roszko (CFO) — makes sure that financial situation of the company is not only under control but planned and managed for the long run.

Dr. Andrzej Rusewicz (Head of Development) — brings world class organization, processes and work culture — best practices gathered working for technology giants including Google, Electronic Arts, Microsoft.

What’s already changed

There are multiple things that we have already changed:

  • Performance Evaluations — to improve our productivity, define personal development plans, and connect it with transparent salary system.
  • Score cards — to improve and measure how well our projects are run and managed by us.
  • Automate payment system for employees.
  • Automate recruitment process.
  • Reorganize full company to use Agile approach (from development to finance, marketing and sales)
  • We moved off of projects that did not match to our vision (were not innovative)
  • We bring on board new projects with focus on innovation.

We are going to share with you some of our observations and more details about those items in upcoming weeks!

We invite you to follow our blog. In addition to business news, we will post technical innovations we implement in our projects 🙂

Tomasz Roszko

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